Getting a Natural High without Medications

These days there seems to be a million ways you can “legally” get high. I say “legally” because it involves going to a doctor, getting something prescribed  and then going home and, well, getting high. Okay, they say that’s not what it’s for, but let’s face it… that’s what a lot of people do it for.

But I’m here to tell you that you don’t need all that. There are plenty of natural ways to focus on your soul and body to get you that natural euphoric feeling. Here are some of my favorites:


As I’ve mentioned before meditation is my go to when I want to relax. To me relaxing is a mental high. Better than anything a drug could offer. It can take months or years, but when  you have mastered mediation you’re set for life. I have even mastered the short term mediation I can do in 5 minutes at work. Clears the mind and gives me that boast of positive energy I need to get through the day.


Now, I am no expert in yoga (God did not make me that flexible), but I still enjoy the basic classes I go to. I find it more social than meditation. Being around others with similar ideals gives me that high we are talking about and need. The class itself is amazing and you can feel the energy of everyone else in the room. It’s like a multiplier for your own positive energy.


Eating Healthy

It’s weird to me that people talk about getting that high from pharmaceuticals when mother nature has given us so many of her own products to get that high from. They are also a million times more healthy for you. Anything that comes with a lot of anti-oxidants will do you a world of good and give you that natural high.  Cut down on the fats and salts will help you so much.



Uplifting music will get your endorphins going. Sit back and just let the music flow through you. Music you love will take your mind to a higher place. It’s almost like meditation.

Make Love

If making love doesn’t give you a natural high, then you must be doing it wrong! Being one with someone else will give you a feeling like no other. It may take a while to find that perfect one, but when you do, there is no drug that can make you feel that good.

So you don’t need any of that medical stuff to be happy. You have no idea what happy energy you can have in life by just doing these natural things.

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To Be One With Your Soul, You Need To Be Comfortable

Man, what a weird post name! That’s exactly what I thought when I wrote it. But don’t worry it will make sense soon.

I am a man who loves meditation. Not only meditation, but anything that lets me become isolated from the world and zoned into myself. Yes, I am trying to find inner peace.

One problem I use to have is that I couldn’t get comfortable when I was meditating. But over the years I have perfected “getting comfortable”. So I thought I would put it all in a post to help you out.


at peace with myself

Before Meditation I have a “Slow Down”

You can’t just say “Okay I’m going to start meditating. You need to wind down a bit. Maybe have a bath or shower. Let your day wash off of you before you start your meditation. I usually need at least 15 minutes after I get home from work before I can even think of starting an effective meditation.

I need to be Comfortable

There is nothing worse than mediating and 30 minutes in you start feeling a cramp coming on because you are not comfortable. My first tip is not to skimp on the place you meditate. Spend the extra 20 dollars on a more comfortable yoga mat. If you meditate in bed, make sure you have a comfortable bed that will support you evenly. Without being comfortable you are never going to be effective in your meditation.

Lighting and Quiet from the Outside World

Make sure your mediation area is relatively dark (maybe some candles) and doors are closed so you can’t be distracted by the outside world.


getting comfortable

Music / Sounds

Some people are able to meditate in silence. Unfortunately I am unable to do this. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly I suffer from Tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Background noise blocks this out for me. The second reason is that it gives me something to focus on when my mind starts to wander. Once I’m in the zone I’m okay, but during the lead in, it helps me not lose my concentration.

Remove Distractions

While it is easier said than done, you need to remove outside influences. Here are a couple of ways I do that:

  • Write it down – If you know you need to do something later, just write it down so you can forget it now and concentrate on relaxing.
  • Turn your phone off – this one is pretty self explanatory.
  • Try to do it with no one else in the house – Having someone else in the house is a distraction, even if it is only subconsciously.

I hope that helps you with when you are preparation and getting comfortable for your meditation session. Here is another webpage that will also help you out.

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