Some soul music for the Soul

What better way to get this site going than talking about Soul Music. Music has always been associated with the soul since the day someone made a hollow log to beat with a stick. While this post will look directly at Soul Music, it really could be for any type of music that tickles your fancy. What ever music makes you feel relaxed and fills your soul with meaning is the right music for you. There is no better feeling than sitting back and relaxing to your favorite type of music.


Soul Music

Soul music started back in the 1950s in the United States of America. It combines elements of gospel music, rhythm, blues and jazz. From there it expanded into many countries to be quite a world wide phenomenon. It peaked in the 60s and 70s and was as popular as any music going around. It seemed to find a great balance between the different music styles of the time.

Soul gave us some of the all time great singers including James Brown and Aretha Franklin. A number of groups also claim soul music to be there starting point. They include The Supremes and the Pointer Sisters to name two.

Since the 80s soul music has dropped off the popular music lists and it’s hard to find new releases. Having said that you can feel the influences in the music through out the 90s and today. Without soul I think rock and roll would never have become as great as it was.

For more information have a look at the wiki page.


Some of the Best

Here are some of my favorite soul songs…


“Let’s Get It On”—Marvin Gaye


“I’ve Got So Much to Give”—Barry White


“My Girl”—The Temptations


Soul music just makes you feel good. Whether you are just sitting back to relax or you want to move with the music and dance the night away there will be a soul song for you to love. Youtube is a great place to search for them. You can be on there for hours and find some great songs you have never heard of before. Enjoy!